Reinhardt van zyl niche is not so nice

To Niche is not too Nice

The main topic in self development is to have a unique community or to niche down. You should be the main guy in something specific, but i think that’s a kak idea.

I came from humble beginnings and i unfortunately did not have the opportunity to go study or get a bursary or any of those cool things. My parent also was not financially strong enough to get me a study loan, lucky me, those are expensive to pay back. But one thing except for tones of love and support, my parents taught me if you work hard you will get somewhere, so i did just that.

I started looking into IT and computers, i did charcoal stills classes, i started working as a data capturer and HATED IT! I remembered working the first month and not going back after i received my R2000 paycheck.

i progressed and eventually got a job as a base station operator for a bank security company, checking ATM Alarms.
But then at night i started looking into paint shop pro 4 and dreamweaver. It was exciting times, something new.

I use to create a massive image with anchor hotspots on the image to go to other pages with anchor hotspots. I loved it. Something new, it was amazing, my daily life was changed by a new experience. And for a while this new thing was amazing.

2 years later i found myself in a position where a camera was stuck in my hand and i had to create a wedding video for a friend. I installed a copy of premier pro and did 4 weddings in the first 30 days of the free trial and with it came a massive learning curve into photoshop and after effects. Another big shift in my day to day and in was exhilarating.

and so on and so forth. I follow a few clever guys and here is what is said these days:

Once you’ve figured out your niche, you can try and position yourself in the market and define your messaging


creative people have an addiction to the new


Chrisdo from thefutur talks about generalise vs specialise and says ‘choose a lane’

He does make a point about externally specialising in something and getting good at that and then he says generalising at a few things internally to keep your soul rich.

i have found doing 2 or 3 things takes your mind of the boring and keeps you creative.
i do backend pho coding for a few hours and then switch to web design and content creation until i get tired of that and then i will jump into animation. It keeps me creative and interested

what is your thoughts? Comment below

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